Kids vs. Artists Eye Tracking

There is a lot that goes on in the brain while we draw. Using eye tracking glasses, we answer the question of what kids and professional artists see while drawing.

All of our pilot study datasets are available for download! See here:


•Eckford Street Studio:
Provided space for filming.

•Tobii Pro:
Provided Tobii Pro Glasses 2.

•Dr. Heather Berlin:

CHILD ARTISTS (in order of appearance):

•Ramses, 4
•Mia, 11
•Kaia, 6
•Kasey, 9
•Tabyas, 19
•Kinah, 13
•Julia, 14


•Heather Morgan:
•James Groeling:
•Saul Chernick:


•Eckford Street Studio:

•Tobii Pro:

•Dr. Heather Berlin:

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•Sam Weiner, Sound
•James Stewart, Camera,


•Kelly Cotton, Data Analysis Lead
•Li Wang, Data Analysis Support

Facts presented in this video were based on a pilot dataset. If you are interested in scientific research on art and eye tracking, download our data package which contains references to work from scientists in this field:


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